Bitcoin Market Cycles Charts

We launch a new website “Bitcoin Market Cycles Charts” focused on graphs that provide information on bitcoin market cycles that is updated every day.
The available graphics are the following:

  • Bitcoin Realized and Delta Cap Price
  • Bitcoin Halving Cycle
  • 50 and 200 day moving average
  • Influence of the halving on the monthly price
  • Bitcoin price halving radar chart
  • 200 week moving average heatmap
  • Bitcoin Fear and Greed heatmap
  • Bitcoin SOPR 7d moving average
  • Bitcoin Puell Multiple

Bitcoin market cycles have been the subject of study and analysis for years. These cycles refer to the growth, consolidation, and correction phases that Bitcoin experiences over time. These periods can provide a deeper understanding of market patterns and trends, which can help investors, traders, and enthusiasts make more informed decisions.

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