Sniff the Bitcoin network

Out of curiosity we are going to listen to the network traffic between my full node and the rest of the Bitcoin network. As what interests me is to know the normal traffic commands, I will not execute any protocol command and I will have the sniffer acting until a new block is generated.

For this we will use the tcpdump tool on the Bitcoin full node BCubium that allows us to capture the network traffic on the specific communication port. In our case, as the node is running Tor, we will activate listening on port 9050 and on the loopback network interface.

The command to execute is the following:

tcpdump -i lo -s 65535 port 9050 -w /mnt/disk/tmp/BCubium_net_20200912.dump 

We inspect the file generated with the Wireshark utility.

We find the types of messages sent: addr, getdata, headers, inv, ping, pong and tx.


Provides information about known nodes on the network. If the nodes are not advertised they are forgotten after 3 hours.


Allows a node to report the existence of one or more objects. It can be received without requesting it or in response to a getblocks type message.


Used in response to an inv message to retrieve the content of a specific object. Usually getdata is sent after receiving the inv packet, after filtering known objects. It can be used to retrieve transactions.


This message is sent in response to the getheader message that returns the desired block headers.


Message to test the liveliness of the TCP / IP connection. Any connection error is assumed to be a closed connection and the address is removed as the current pair.


Response message to a ping message by a node to demonstrate its liveliness on the network. 


Describes a bitcoin transaction, in response to getdata.


When a node creates an outbound connection, it immediately announces its version.


Themessage is sent in response to the version. It consists only of a message header with the command string “verack”.

There is more information about the Bitcoin protocol on the page, Protocol documentation

One fact that has surprised me is that although we have been listening to the network for well over 10 minutes and in the logs it appears that two blocks have been mined in the traffic analysis, no complete block appears, I suppose it will be because in practice it does not The entire blocks will be sent with all their transactions but the references to them so that from them they are taken from the mempool and assemble the block, thereby achieving a very important saving in the volume of network traffic.

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