Bitcoin AVIV (Active Value to Investor Value) Ratio

Active-Value-to-Investor-Value Ratio is the ratio between the active capitalization (ActiveCap) and the realized capitalization of investors (InverstorCap).

The active capitalization being the market capitalization (MarketCap) multiplied by the liveliness, which gives information about the price of the money that is being moved, leaving out lost or inactive coins.

And the realized price of the investors (InvertorCap) reflects the realized capital (RealizedCap) that shows us is the price at which the BTC have been purchased but discounting the coins that are given to the miners.

With this ratio (AVIV) the bitcoin of real transactions is taken into account and historically when this value has been above 250% BTC has been overvalued and a recession has started and when this value has been below 55% there was an oversold and a bullish period has begun.

More information in the white paper of “Cointime Economics” on
@ARKInvest by @dpuellARK and @Checkmatey

At Bitcoin Charts BGeometrics we have a chart with the Bitcoin AVIV metric that is updated daily.

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