Setup BCubium


Take the node out of the box

Connect the network cable that comes in the box to the router and the BCubium node.

Connect the DC 5V adapter to the socket and the BCubium node.

Wait a few minutes for it to finish booting.

Open a browser on a device connected to the same network as the router and access the BCubium website 


If you see a screen similar to this you already have the node working so that it is fully operational you have to wait for the Bitcoin blockchain to finish synchronizing, the time for the synchronization to finish will depend how many days have passed since the node left our laboratory until it reconnected to the Bitcoin network, since at BGeometrics we synchronize the Blockchain before sending the node.

Wifi configuration

If you prefer that the node connects to the Internet through Wi-Fi and not using the cable, you must configure your Wi-Fi from the administration website.

http://bcubium.home: 3000/home/wifi_home


http://bcubium.home:3000/ and then click on the wifi link to configure the network: 

On the wifi configuration screen click on the button Scan to list all the available Wi-Fi networks:

Enter the parameters of the Wi-Fi to which you are going to connect:

Unplug the network cable

Restart the router and the BCubium node so that the routes are redone.

Possible problems and their solutions

That when entering the address http://bcubium.home:3000/ the page does not load. 

The node has not yet finished booting.

Wait a few minutes because the node may not have finished starting.

The router does not resolve the name bcubium.home.

You have to access the configuration website with the IP address

There are two options:

1- Access the router’s website to find out what IP has been assigned to the node and enter that IP:

For example if the IP was: it would be accessed

2- Use a program to know the IP of the node in the network, for example

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