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BGeometrics launches BCubium

The solution they propose is BCubium, another Bitcoin full node that also includes Lightning Network Daemon, Wireguard’s VPN server, Tor and some other surprises such as the possibility of being able to write personalized text messages on the Bitcoin Blockchain.

The main difference that it brings compared to the nodes of other companies is that BCubium is contained in a nice little wenge wood cube of 62 mm on each side.

BGeometrics is the company behind BCubium and has the idea of ​​combining the great technology found in the entire Bitcoin ecosystem with the beauty of exterior design, trying to ensure that people interested in Bitcoin do not limit themselves to technology enthusiasts or Lovers of the Austrian economy, to broaden that spectrum we believe that it is necessary for Bitcoin to work in marketing, design, advertising, merchandising … in our case we will choose to focus on aesthetics and design and incorporating it into Bitcoin products. No more hiding the full node behind the television.

The BCubium node is our start because the trend shows that the number of full nodes is gradually decreasing and they are staying for mining companies losing that part of the collaboration that individual people brought to the Bitcoin network.

BCubium as a full node provides security by not depending on an external node to connect to the Bitcoin network, it also gives financial sovereignty since it incorporates all the history of the Blockchain and the node validates that the rules are met, it also gives privacy if you connect your wallet to the node and not having to reveal your IP and as a node owner you have a vote in the Bitcoin network deciding which Bitcoin software updates you support and which ones you don’t.

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Julián Simón
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