BCubium out stock


BCubium out stock

BCubium hardware

  • Motherboard NanoPi NEO Plus2
    • CPU: Allwinner H5,Quad-core 64-bit high-performance
    • DDR3 RAM: 1GB
    • WiFi: 802.11b/g/n
    • Bluetooth: 4.0 dual mode
  • BCubium Box
  • 500GB microSD Samsung or Lexar
  • Power supply (with worldwide connectors)
  • Network Cable

BCubium software

BCubium functionalities

  • Bitcoin full node
  • Lightning Network node
  • Write permanent messages on the Blockchain
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) service
  • Automatic updates

Bitcoin has to continue growing and for this its users must be increased. So far, his followers are mostly tech-savvy or economy enthusiasts, but the world is much bigger. With “Bitcoin in Wood” we want more people from the rest of the world to participate in this great project that is Bitcoin.

At BGeometrics, we want to accomplish this by bringing the BCubium, a full Bitcoin node, and the Lightning Network to the market in a small, craft cube that is just 62mm (2.4 inches) on a side, and sleek. In short, we want to unite Bitcoin’s revolutionary functionality with aesthetics and design.

BCubium out stock

BCubium out stock

We have not sent for a long time BCubium Because the motherboard on which it is mounted, the NanoPi NEO Plus2 Friendly Elect has stopped manufacturing it which has caused us to run out of supply. There are several websites that sell the ones they have in warehouses at high prices but that does not […]

BCubium out stock

Sin stocks de BCubium

Desde hace tiempo ya no enviamos BCubium porque la placa base sobre la que está montado, la NanoPi NEO Plus2 de Friendly Elect ha dejado fabricarlo lo que ha provocado que nos hayamos quedado sin suministro. Hay varias websites que venden las que tienen en los almacenes a precios elevados pero eso no garantiza el […]

Hardware Wallet Security

Recomendaciones a la hora de comprar hardware wallet

El 25 de junio de este año uno o unos ciberdelincuentes accedían a la base de datos de más de un millón de clientes de Ledger, empresa que vende dispositivos hardware wallet para almacenar bitcoins y otras criptomonedas. El 28 de octubre muchos de los usuarios del hardware wallet recibieron correos electrónicos y SMS fraudulentos […]


BCubium is a very good Bitcoin gift for bitcoiners, for Bitcoin fans, or for anyone who loves wood of wenge design or bitcoin ornaments.