De la semilla a los BTC

Muchos hodlers de BTC para acumular bitcoins no utilizan un hardware wallet, les basta y les sobra con una semilla, una clave (passphrase) y las direcciones públicas a las que envían los bitcoins. Siempre es interesante guardar también el derivation… Read More ›

BCubium out stock

We have not sent for a long time BCubium Because the motherboard on which it is mounted, the NanoPi NEO Plus2 Friendly Elect has stopped manufacturing it which has caused us to run out of supply. There are several websites… Read More ›

Hodl Trading Bitcoin

Although it could be, HODL is not the acronym for “Hold On for Dear Life”, the term has its origin in December 18, 2013 in the Bitcoin Talk forum when the user GameKyuubi writes an entry titled “I AM HODLING”doubting… Read More ›