Hodl Bitcoin

Hodl Trading Bitcoin (español)

Aunque podría ser, HODL no es el acrónimo de “Hold On for Dear Life”, el término tiene su origen en el 18 de diciembre del año 2013 en el foro de Bitcoin Talk cuando el usuario GameKyuubi escribe una entrada titulada “I AM HODLING” dudando sobre su naturaleza de trader y dejando constancia de su […]

Hodl Bitcoin

Hodl Trading Bitcoin

Although it could be, HODL is not the acronym for “Hold On for Dear Life”, the term has its origin in December 18, 2013 in the Bitcoin Talk forum when the user GameKyuubi writes an entry titled “I AM HODLING”doubting his nature as a trader and stating his admiration for those who say they are […]

Sniff Bitcoin Network

Escuchando la red P2P de Bitcoin

Por curiosidad vamos a escuchar el tráfico de red que hay entre mi full node y el resto de la red de Bitcoin. Como lo que me interesa es conocer los comandos de tráfico normal no ejecutaré ningún comando del protocolo y tendré el sniffer actuando hasta que se genere un bloque nuevo. Para ello […]

Sniff Bitcoin Network

Sniff the Bitcoin network

Out of curiosity we are going to listen to the network traffic between my full node and the rest of the Bitcoin network. As what interests me is to know the normal traffic commands, I will not execute any protocol command and I will have the sniffer acting until a new block is generated. For […]

Cold Card

Transactions with the Coldcard hardware wallet

Recently I had to move the BTCs from the Coldcard hardware wallet to another destination, for this I had several options, one was to import the seed and passphrase it into another wallet such as Wasabi or Electrum as indicated in this post “Import verification of Coldcard seed and passphrase at Electrum and Wasabi” but […]

BCubium Board

BCubium hardware

Hardware CPU: Allwinner H5,Quad-core 64-bit high-performance Cortex A53 DDR3 RAM:1GB Storage: 8GB eMMC Network: Gbps Ethernet WiFi: 802.11b/g/n Bluetooth: 4.0 dual mode USB Host: 2 x Independent USB Host MicroSD Slot: 1 x Slot. It supports system booting or is used to hold a storage card Audio Input/Output: 4-Pin, 2.54mm pitch pin-header MicroUSB: power input […]


BGeometrics accepts payments with bitcoins

You can now buy the Bitcoin full node BCubium and pay in BTCs. For BGeometrics it makes perfect sense to accept payments with Bitcoin since as a company we are focused on the use and spread of Bitcoin. Until yesterday we only allowed payment by card payment or by bank transfer, the latter we have […]

Blockchain Certifications

Blockchain and certification of authenticity

One of the many use cases for which the Blockchain is sold is to ensure the authenticity of various objects: works of art, slippers, maritime products… We will start by leaving a few minimum concepts that must be in place for us to consider it a technological solution is a Blockchain, since there is no […]

Blockchain Certifications

Blockchain y certificación de autenticidad

Uno de los muchos casos de uso para los que se vende la Blockchain es para asegurar la autenticidad de diversos objetos: obras de arte, zapatillas, productos marítimos, huevos camperos… Empezaremos dejando unos conceptos mínimos que tiene que haber para que lo consideremos que una solución tecnológica es una Blockchain, ya que no existe una […]

private public keys

Generate private keys in Bitcoin safely and cheaply

I had started writing this post when diving online I have come across several pages of bitcoiners who had already written about the generation of keys using Ian Coleman’s BIP39 tool plus the Tails system, so I will limit myself to putting the links already specify the steps roughly. Resources Ian Coleman’s BIP39 mnemonic codes tool → BIP39 […]

private public keys

Generar claves privadas en Bitcoin de forma segura y barata

Había empezado a escribir este post cuando buceando por Internet me he topado con varias páginas de bitcoiners que ya habían escrito sobre la generación de claves utilizando la herramienta BIP39 de Ian Coleman más el sistema Tails, así que me voy a limitar a poner los enlaces y a especificar los pasos a grandes […]

Wallet Bitcoin

Import verification of Coldcard seed and passphrase at Electrum and Wasabi

Before providing funds to our hardware wallet Coldcard (CC) It is important to make sure that in the future whatever happens we will be able to recover them. Over the years many situations can arise whereby we find ourselves in the position of having to recover these funds without having the hardware wallet (hww), such […]


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