Bitcoin full node gift

Possibly the best present for a bitcoiner

Among the many gifts that can be given to a bitcoiner such as a hardware wallet, a Bitcoin logo, in its many forms as coasters, cushions, posters … one of the best is a full node, which are not more than a few small computers where the Bitcoin connection and validation software runs and that connect as one more node to the Bitcoin network to verify all transactions, to improve your privacy, if you connect your wallet to it, to have everything the history of data and transactions. This page gives more details of the advantages “Advantages of having a Bitcoin full node”.

If the full node is your gift, you will contribute to expanding the number of nodes in the Bitcoin network, making it more resistant to DDoS attacks since the greater the number of nodes, the more difficult it is to leave the network inoperative.

If it is also a BCubium full node you will have a nice wenge wood box of 62 x 62 mm (2.4 inches) and you will not have to hide it behind the television, you can have it on the table or on the shelf as one more ornament.

  • This gift for bitcoiners comes with theweb interface BTC-RPC-Explorer to be able to have information on the state of the Bitcoin network, the most interesting parameters such as mempool, difficulty, hashrate, information on any transaction…


  • With a Lightning Network node along with theweb interface Ride-The-Lightning to manage it.
  • Real-time graphs of the BTC price
  • With theVPN server Wireguard to encrypt your connection that allows you to connect to it when you are on an insecure network, for example if you are connecting to your internet from your hotel wifi you can connect to the VPN of your BCubium and thus the communication of the mobile to your node is encrypted, making it impossible for third parties to listen to it.

A full node is the best gift for Bitcoin lovers and if it is good and beautiful like BCubium from BGeometrics much better.

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