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We start the journey with BCubium our full node in a wenge wood cube in Indiegogo BCubium, “Bitcoin in wood”

At BGeometrics we want to combine Bitcoin functionality with aesthetics and design. The functionality is provided by Bitcoin Core, Lightning Network Daemon, Wireguard VPN, Tor and the administration of everything on the web that is in BCubium.

All of this is contained in a beautiful wenge cube of only 62 mm (2.4 inches) on each side.

We are not in a good time for full nodes, their number has been decreasing progressively over the last three years, it is a good time to buy one or to give it to a friend and put it decorating your desk or decorating the living room, it is a good gift Bitcoin and also will contribute to the increase of the Bitcoin node network, you can connect to it from your wallet and gain privacy and you will know that it has the complete complete history of the Bitcoin Blockchain, that is to say that there are all the transactions that have taken place since the genesis block.

To have more information it is best to go to the project Bitcoin in wood in Indiegogo or directly to the BGeometrics website.

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