Another full node Bitcoin?

Yes. Summarizing. Full nodes are responsible for verifying transactions and storing them on Blockchain and the more there are, the more secure the Bitcoin network will be and it will show that the Bitcoin project has more support. The Bitcoin network is made up of miners, wallets and full nodes. This project is going to provide full nodes.

The current full node network is:

If you connect your wallet to your own full node, you will get greater security since entry into the Bitcoin network will be done through your own node thus obtaining greater privacy and avoiding the possibility that any malicious node could identify the IP addresses stored in your wallet. You will have financial sovereignty by having a full and independent node with all the verification rules along with the entire history of the Bitcoin Blockchain.

The larger the offer of full nodes there is in the market, the more people or organizations may be interested in them. BCubium is a full Bitcoin node by the company BGeometrics and it is aimed at the enthusiastic public of the Bitcoin world but without the need of having a technical profile. The rest of the full nodes in the market are aimed more at experts.

BCubium takes great care of the design. The box is made of exotic woods like wengé or ebony, so in addition to having all the operations of a full node, it can be a beautiful object to decorate the house or office and does not have to be hidden behind the television or in a closet. It is a very geeky gift for Bitcoin friends. It is possibly the smallest full node in the world as it is a cube with a 60 mm side.

BCubium is not only a full node, it also has:

  • Wireguard VPN server
  • Lightning Network Daemon (LND)
  • The BTC-RPC-Explorer web client to view block, transaction, and address details, and analysis tools to view statistics on blocks, transactions, and mining activity, a node management website
  • Bitcoin price charts in real time
  • And it will even allow you to write text messages that will last forever in Bitcoin Blockchain

We would like the Bitcoin network not only to be made up of large organizations with high investments and infrastructures. Therefore, we find it interesting that many home users with their elegant full nodes also participate in the Bitcoin network from their homes, offices or wherever they want.

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